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2020-1 What is phishing?

Cyber attacks aiming to get your data by deceiving you with methods such as e-mails, SMS, and phone calls that look like real are called phishing. In order to be protected from e-mail phishing attacks, which are common methods, do not open e-mails that you do not trust the source, do not click on links and contact Information Security Unit in suspicious cases by sending an email to or submitting a Trackit.

Hint of the month

Aren't you still using multi-factor authentication?

It's known that the use of only passwords does not provide enough security and even the most complex passwords can be easily compromised by attackers. To enhance your security, Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) can be activated for your KU NetID account, personal e-mails, social media applications, and shopping sites you are a member of. Find out more here about how to activate MFA on your KU NetID account.

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