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Create a News

What is News?

News is the categorization and addition of announcements that need to be published on KUHub according to the interests of all individuals associated with the school (students, academic staff, administrative staff, prospective students, visitors, and students' families), with specified dates.

Who can use News? Who can create news?

Users with a KU NetID can view News. Depending on the permissions, some users' created news can be published or unpublished without requiring any approval.

 How to create news?

  1. Go to

  2. Click on the "Sign in with KU NetID" button.

  3. Click on "Discover / News > Create News" from the left menu.

  4. Fill in the mandatory information fields.

a) An image with a maximum size of 450 KB must be added.

b) A news headline with a maximum of 100 characters and a short description with a maximum of 500 characters must be provided.

c) The "Body" section contains the detailed information about the news.

d) At least one category from the specified categories must be selected in the "Category" section.

e) Adding tags is optional.

f)"Attachment" is an optional option where files up to 8 MB can be added.

g) The "Visibility type" option is a mandatory field and can be selected as Public/Private. It is not active yet.

h) Adding a URL is optional and is intended to direct users to the source or similar news.

i) If the news needs to be shown on a website, select "Publish on Web." It is not active yet.

All news descriptions must be entered bilingually. To do this, when creating the news, first select the desired language option (EN / TR) using the "Data Language" option in the top right corner, then the news creation page will automatically switch to the second language option, and the necessary information should be filled in accordingly.

After entering the mandatory information, click on "Create News."

How can I check if my created news is published or not?

  1. Click on "News > Submitted News" from the left menu.

  2. On the opened page, all your created news will be displayed together. You can filter them based on the "Publish/Unpublish" status or search for specific news using keywords.

  3. You can learn the publication status of the news from the "Status" column.

a) From the "Actions" option, you can edit the news you created or change the publication status.

b) Click "View" to see the news.

How do I update a published news?

  1. Click on "News > Submitted News" from the left menu.

  2. On the opened page, all created news will be displayed together.

  3. The ones with "Publish" status indicate that they are published.

a) From the available options in the "Actions" column:

       i. If the news is published, clicking "View" will display the details of the news.

       ii. If the news is in "Unpublish" status, click "Actions / Publish" to publish the news.

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