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Downloading Google Drive data / Migrate Google Drive Data

Option One: Drive to Drive

  1. Go into your school Google Drive account

  2. Select the file or folder you want to transfer to your secondary/personal Google Drive Account

  3. Right-click on the file or folder and click Share

  4. Type in the Gmail account for your personal/secondary Google account. Then click the blue Send button.

  5. Log into your personal/secondary Google account and go to your Google Drive. Click the Shared with me folder. Alternatively, an email should pop up in your Gmail (make sure to check your spam folder.)

  6. Google Drive won’t allow you to make a copy of a folder, but it will let you copy the items inside the folder.

  7. Right-click the file and go down to make a copy. This will make your own copy of the document that you are the owner of.

File transfer of ownership does not apply to school accounts. File ownership cannot be transferred to personal accounts.

Option Two: Drive to Download

  1. Go into your school Google Drive account.

  2. Right-click the file or folder you would like to download and select Download.

  3. The file will download to your computer.

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