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Blackboard: Create a Test/Pool/Survey

You can use tests to measure student knowledge, gauge progress, and gather information from students. You assign points to test questions for grading evaluation.

How to Create a Test

  • Click the Course Tools link in the course management panel, click the Tests, Surveys, and Pools link, and then click Tests.

  • Click Build Test.

  • The Test Information screen appears. Type a Name (required field), and provide Description and Instructions (optional). Click Submit.

  • The Test Canvas screen appears. There are three options to create questions in this screen.

a. Create Questions: There are 17 different types of question in Blackboard. You can create questions using this option.

b. Reuse Questions: You can create question sets and random blocks, or find questions using previously created question pools.

c. Upload Questions: You can create a tab-delimited file, edit it in Excel, and type the questions in it. Then upload this file to Blackboard using this option.

Note: There are some rules for creating questions using this option. Please contact us to get more information.

After creating questions, click OK to continue.

  • Then test appears with the deployment and date information. The next step is to deploy the test in course content.

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