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How to create a project request?

  • On the main page, there are two ITA form options: with and without catalogs. You must choose according to the demand to be created.
  • You can also access the My Requests tab here, where the opened requests are listed.

  • Click the ITA Form (without Catalog) tab on the main page.
  • You must fill the sections in the screen below.
  • The claimant may be a claimant or a different person.
  • The department comes automatically to the selected requester.
  • The Assign Me tab allows the claimant to be automatically assigned as Claimer.
  • Incentive Requests field is optional.
  • Select the product group for the product to be purchased.
  • Select the Academic Project option from the Budget Usage tab.
  • BT Code tab is made for IT requests only, other units should leave blank.
  • You can choose the Expected Delivery Date for at least 60 days.
  • Work Place: Select according to where the product and service will be performed.
  • The Budget Allocated for the Tender (TL): Enter how much budget is available for the desired product or service.
  • Technical Specification: You must add the specifications to this field in PDF format.
  • For the technical specification draft click the download tab on the side.
  • From the Add Item tab, the product can be added to the relevant request using the New Item tab.
  • Clicking on the New Item tab will open a pop-up and you will be asked to enter information about the desired product in this field.
  • Short Text: You need to enter the name of the product you want.
  • Detailed Description: You can write the link or product identifying the product you want.
  • Item: You should choose which sub item group you want.
  • Budget Code: Make your budget selection.
  • Quantity Type: Select the quantity type of the product to be purchased and enter the quantity and unit.
  • When all fields are filled, press the Save tab.
  • The entered products are listed as follows.
  • When you click the Save tab under the listed Products, the request is saved and a pop-up with the ITA number appears on the screen.
  • After the popup where the ITA number is written, you must press the Send tab next to the Save tab to forward the request to the purchase, otherwise your request will not reach the purchase.
  • When you click the Send tab, the pop-up notification below will appear on the screen.

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