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How to view the status of opened demands?

  • On the main page, there are two ITA form options: with and without catalogs. You must choose according to the demand to be created.
  • You can also access the My Requests tab here, where the opened requests are listed.

  • The opened requests are displayed in the My Requests tab on the main page.
  • You can follow up the status of the related requests from this area.
  • There are four different options on the My Requests tab: Products without Catalog, Products with Catalog, Completed Claims and Deleted Claims.
  • From these tabs you can view various fields such as the number, short text, creation date, purchaser, status of the request you have opened.
  • The red warning in the revision request is the icon informing you one of the required regulation for the related request.
  • This sign appears as a green check mark in requests made in the relevant regulation.
  • Double-click on the request on the My Requests screen to access detailed information on the relevant request.

  • After this process, the screen above opens and you can follow the status of the request.

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