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KUHub Mobile


KUHub Mobile is the official mobile application of the university. It is designed to enhance the experience of students, faculty and staff with personalized information and easy access to online university services.



You can find the latest news and announcements related to the university.


The Educational Technologies section includes technological developments related to education and educational tools offered within the application.

  • Blackboard LMS: Provides easy access to the Blackboard learning management system.
  • Coursera Learning Program: Provides the opportunity to participate in programs offered through Coursera and access various online courses.
  • Online Programs: Provides quick access to various online programs within the application.
  • Reports: Provides you with the students' attendance data to online classes, Panopto view statistics, and more.
  • Tips: Access tips related to educational technologies.

Help and Report

Help and Report section contains information about reporting issues and getting help.

  • Safety Issues: It includes a tool for reporting risky situations across the campus by relevant categories. Please click here to learn 'How to report a safety issues?'
  • Track-it: It is used for job tracking and management.
  • Worksafe: It provides quick access to security-related services.

This section contains Helpful links and resources.

  • Academic Calendar: Access academic calendar information.
  • Ask a Librarian: Includes information on how to access library services.
  • Faculty Guide: Includes information specific to faculty members.
  • How-To: Access instructions on how to do specific tasks within the application.
  • Kolt Tutoring Center Schedule: Access Kolt Tutoring Center's current schedule.
  • KUFIS (VPN Required): Provides access to the KUFIS system via VPN
  • Student Guide: Includes information specific to students.
  • Visitor Information: Contains information for visitors.

Send Feedback

This section contains the Send feedback tool.

Help Center

This section provides access to the general help center. It contains information and instructions for faculty, students, and staff.

Campus Access

This section contains which campuses you are allowed to access.

Rumelifeneri Campus Map

In this section, you can access the detailed map of Rumelifeneri campus.

Course Evaluation

This section includes information on how to conduct course evaluations. Course Evaluation is for students who want to evaluate their experience in each of the course they took that semester, and for lecturers who want feedback on how students perceive their courses.

Campus Services

This section contains general information about campus services.

  • Dining Services: Provides quick access to food services on our campuses, their locations, and working hours.
  • Transportation Services: Provides detailed information about transportation services to campuses.
  • Facility Services: Access services offered on our campuses, their working hours, and locations.

Shuttle Service and Public Transportation Information

You can view service and public transportation information.

Friends or Faculty People Search

This section offers the ability to search for friends or faculty members.

Easy Access to Various Online Services

It provides easy access to various online services such as Track-it and Worksafe.

Emergency Helpline

This section includes emergency phone numbers.

Emergency Assembly Areas

Explore emergency assembly areas based on campus.

Campus Information

It includes information about different campuses (Rumelifeneri, West Campus, İstinye, ANAMED, Taş Mektep Lodgings).

Dark Mode (On-Off)

It offers the option to use the application in dark mode.

Who can use it?

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students

When can I use it?

You can use this application anytime.

How much does it cost?

This service is available at no charge to the KU community. 

Featured Tools

Safety Issues

This tool allows users to notify of risky situations at all campuses and locations of Koç University.

How do I get it?

The KUHub Mobile app is available for iOS and Android. You can download the application for free from the links below.

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