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Mobile Device Registration System (MDRS)

Mobile Device Registration System provides secure, easy, and fast access to Koç University resources and applications with your corporate and personal devices.

System administrators within Mobile Device Management, don not have a direct access to any information or data on users' devices.

Which features does it have?

  • Ensuring the security of mobile devices.

  • Less configuration needed on mobile devices.

  • Secure access to corporate data.

In which operating systems is it implemented?

  • Windows

  • iOS

  • Android

  • macOS

  • Linux

What data does the MDRS application access?

Koç University cares about your data privacy, KVKK, and GDPR compliance.

Koç University cannot see your data below.

  • Call and web history!

  • Location

  • Email messages and text messages

  • Contacts

  • Passwords

  • Calendar

  • Gallery, pictures, videos

  • Applications

Koç University can see the following information.

  • Device model

  • Serial number

  • Operating system version

  • Device name

  • Manufacturer information

  • Business applications

Things to Do Before Getting Involved in the Mobile Device Registration System

Supported web browsers for accessing corporate Office365 (OneDrive, Teams, Outlook, SharePoint) web applications based on operating systems within the scope of MDRS are as follows. You can access the necessary configuration links for the relevant operating system and browser from the table below.

Operating System / Web Browser













Extension Needed





Extension Needed

Changes in browser settings needs to be made

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