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How to set up Multifactor Authentication (Authenticator Application)?

You can also access your account with the "Microsoft Authenticator" application that you download to your phone instead of receiving an SMS code. With this method, independent of GSM service providers, you can access your account with your internet connection, with the code or notification you receive from the application.

You can verify with your mobile device by receiving a notification or automatically generated authentication code.

Step 1

Download and Install Microsoft Authenticator Application

Please do not approve access notifications without your knowledge.

  • Search and download the "Microsoft Authenticator" application from the App Store or Play Store on your mobile device.

Step 2

Choose Authentication Method for Microsoft Authenticator Application

Authenticator Application Notification Settings

  • After downloading the Microsoft Authenticator application to your mobile device, go to the After entering your KU NetID information, login to the MFA page with the SMS authentication code sent to your phone.

  • Check the “Notify me through app” option and “Authenticator app or Token box” at the bottom and click the “Set Authenticator app” button.

  • You will see a page containing the QR code and code information. Do not close this screen and open the "Authenticator" application you installed on your mobile device.

Step 3

Setup Microsoft Authenticator Application 

  • After opening the Microsoft Authenticator application, you can follow the steps below.

  • Read & Confirm "Privacy Statement"

  • Click "Skip"

  • Click "Add Account"

  • Click "Work or school account"

  • Click "Scan QR code" or "Sign in" to sign in with your KU NetID username and password.

  • Read the QR code on your computer screen with the QR code reading area.

If you have a problem while reading the QR code, you can click the "Or you can enter the code yourself" field and enter the code in the "Code: XXX XXX XXX" field under the QR code section on the computer screen.

  • After scanning the QR code field, you can activate the 'Authenticator' app by selecting 'Confirm' on the notification that appears on your mobile device.

  • Click "Next" to verification and "Approve" from mobile app notification.

Step 4  

Usage of Microsoft Authenticator Application

  • After making the Authenticator application settings, you can access your KU NetID account by approving the notifications that will come to your mobile device instead of SMS.

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