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FindMe Printing via E-Mail

This service does not include the Westprint option.

  • Send an e-mail to ( for West Campus printers ) and attach the document(s) you want to print. 
    • You don’t have to fill in the e-mail subject and body.
  • You will receive a confirmation email from
  • Click on the link in the received e-mail.
  • PaperCut web application will open in your web browser.
  • Click OK for these two messages that will come up:
    • "Your email print job is ready to be processed."
    • "Your document is held for printing."
  • Now, you will need to release your print job from any FindMe printer.
  • Go to the printer and scan your KU ID Card.
  • On the Printer touch-screen menu:
    • Tap Print Release.
    • Choose the document that you want to print.
    • And tap the Print button.
  • After printing is complete, tap the Home button.
  • Tap Logout.

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