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FindMe Printing via Web Browser

  • Log into the PaperCut web application with KU NetID and password.
  • Select the Web Print option in the left menu.
  • Click Submit a Job option.
  • Select the printer based on your location (kuprint or westprint).
  • Click the Print Options and Account Selection button.
  • Type how many copies you want to make by "Copies" and click the Upload Documents.
  • Select Upload from the Computer option and then click to the Upload and Complete button.
  • Click the Submit a Job option.
  • Your job is now queued for printing.
  • You will need to release your print job from any FindMe printer.
  • Go to the printer and scan your KU ID Card.
  • On the Printer touch-screen menu:
    • Tap Print Release.
    • Choose the document that you want to print.
    • And tap the Print button.
  • After printing is complete, tap the Home button.
  • Tap Logout.

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